Features of G Wagon Making a Highly Desirable Rental Car in Dubai

The Mercedes G Wagon is an iconic luxury SUV with ultra modern characteristics. The car’s popularity is spread all over the world including the dazzling city of Dubai and other Emirates as well. G Wagon rental Dubai is all about adventure, style and class amidst the finest infrastructure and living standards. It fully matches the vibe and lifestyle that Dubai stands for. You can have a smooth ride with the Mercedes G Wagon in the city and its surrounding areas. The car is suitable for desert landscapes too. Hence, it is the first choice of the ones looking for a luxury ride to venture into the Arabian deserts. If you are wondering what makes the G Wagon from Mercedes the most sought after and versatile car for rent in Dubai, give this article a read.   

Top Attributes of Mercedes G Wagon Cars

Some of the top features that make the Mercedes G Wagon models stand out from the rest are discussed below: 

Attractive Design

The Mercedes G Wagon is a headturner due to its timeless design and intricate aesthetics. The spare wheel prominently displayed on the rear door, robust front end and the enticing wheel arch cladding contributes towards its glamorous look. All these exterior features undoubtedly make it a desirable luxury SUV for rent in Dubai.

Invincible Engines 

The Mercedes G wagon models are equipped with powerful engines that contribute towards their high end performance. There is one diesel engine and one petrol. The diesel engine is around 2925 cc while the latter is 3982 cc. Both engines come with automatic transmission. Based on the model and type of fuel, the Mercedes G class offers a mileage of approximately 8.47 kmpl.

Lavish Interiors

The G Wagon is given a touch of luxury in and out. The interiors are made up of the finest quality materials. There is attention to detail in every nook and corner of the cabin. The premium leather upholstery is one of the attractions that is available in a variety of colors and textures. To make even long journeys comfortable there front seats are given the massaging technology. There is enough leg room as well for the passengers seater on the rear seats of the car. 

Premium Infotainment System 

Mercedes has given the G Class models the best infotainment specifications. Such advanced features help you stay connected with the car all throughout your journey. Simply connect your smartphone to the touch screen of the car and enjoy your favorite music. The burmester audio system includes high-performance speakers letting you immerse yourself in a premium musical experience. 

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